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For People with ALS and Caregivers


Information for people with ALS, their families and caregivers

One of the major purposes of The ALS Association is to help ALS patients and their families live as full and normal a life as possible. We believe that the ALS patients and families using information on this website as a guide will be better able to cope with the day-to-day challenges of living with ALS.

While deservedly much attention is directed to the education and support of patients with ALS, The ALS Association also recognizes the tremendous responsibilities the family caregivers assume.

In support of the education, resource and support needs of ALS patients and family caregivers, The ALS Association offers the following programs and services through its network of chapters, support groups, certified clinical centers and the National Office.

Newly Diagnosed?

Receiving a diagnosis of ALS is challenging and overwhelming. There is so much to know, a great deal to consider, and typically a host of questions. The ALS Association is dedicated to providing you and your family and friends the information, support and resources you need to effectively live with ALS.

Contact Tracy Sandy-Ali, MPH, Regional Director, at (212) 720-3060
or for answers to questions you may have.

Recursos en espaƱol disponibles. Por favor llame al (212) 619-1400. Gracias.

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