The ALS Association Greater New York Chapter Welcomes President & CEO Judith Arner Brown

Dear Friends,

I am delighted to join The ALS Association Greater New York Chapter as your President & CEO.

I, like you, have many reasons to want to be a part of this vibrant organization. I lost my grandfather to this devastating disease. I, like many of you, have cried as I held hands with friends suffering in ways you know all too well.

But I am also filled with hope.

This is an exciting time for ALS research. New discoveries are beginning to crack the code that is ALS. I firmly believe that with adequate funding, research scientists will identify interventions that will improve quality of life – prevent onset – and once and for all find the cure.

I take the helm of an organization that has been well managed and is fiscally strong. We are blessed with a Board that is “all-in,” a smart, compassionate, and motivated staff, and an army of volunteers who are fully committed.

The ALS Association Greater New York Chapter has a proud tradition of excellence and achievement under Dorine Gordon’s steady hand. I pledge to you that under my leadership we will continue to improve lives, ease paths, and advocate for fairness and dignity. We’ll redouble our relentless pursuit of the answers we MUST find. We have no time to waste.

Each one of you is critical to our ultimate success. Each one of you has an important role to play. It is my distinct privilege to join you in our quest.


Judith Arner Brown
President & CEO
ALS Association Greater New York Chapter

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