Have You Heard about the ALS "Ice Bucket Challenge?"

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Staff members of The ALS Association Greater New York Chapter take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

• You can do it too! The “Ice Bucket Challenge” is helping to spread awareness and raise funds in the fight against ALS. You can help by taking the challenge and donating to The ALS Association Greater New York Chapter.

• Donation link: http://bit.ly/Xa3IKO

• Post your video on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ALSofGNY

• And to Twitter: @ALSofGNY

Click here to watch our staff take the Ice Bucket Challenge on Facebook or click below to watch it here.

Want more information about the “Ice Bucket Challenge?” Contact Kristen Cocoman at (212) 720-3048 or cocoman@als-ny.org.

156 thoughts on “Have You Heard about the ALS "Ice Bucket Challenge?"”

      1. It sure is for a good cause but why encourage people to waste so much water? I have seen people die because of scarcity of water. Just uncomfortable to watch. Support the cause though.

        1. a bit of physics : water evaporate quite quick. even if it doesn’t it drains in the soil,recaptured ,filtered, pumped and reused . is not like we are using the heavy water used in a nuclear reactor.

      2. I was reading the rules someone challenged me. While I am very interested in donating and it added awareness to a great charity, I don’t understand why the rules consider me a jerk if I don’t want to video myself, still want to donate what I can, but cannot afford $100?

      3. My wife is about to take the ice bucket challange and she is 12 weeks pregnant….we have also had a miscarriage before this. Is this a good idea for herself to take the challange

  1. I would love to get one of those ALS red shirts and take the Ice Challenge in one of those cause I love what you guys do.

  2. I challenged all of my 200 employees after I was also challenged by my daughter. I did the bucket drop but would also like to contribute $100

  3. Hi, I challenged 11 of my friends in the ice bucket challenge? Is there a limit? I thought it’s to raise awareness so why not more than just 3???

  4. What are rules to the challenge if you’ve been nominated 3x? and you think you will be nominated again?! I’ve seen posts where you take the challenge and donate $10, and if you don’t take the challenge you donate $100. And how long is this “ice bucket” challenge supposed to last? In addition…California is in a serious drought…lots of posts about wasting water when we should be rationing. What are your thoughts?

    1. If you’ve done the challenge, there is no need to do it again. But if you don’t want to take the challenge for any reason, you can donate any amount no matter how small ($100 is only a suggestion) here: http://bit.ly/Xa3IKO

  5. I have already donated to ALS but can you do the ice bucket challenge if no one nominates you?

  6. What percentage of the money raised is actually going to research ???
    I have heard numbers as low as 7% – VERY PATHETIC !!
    Please let us know

  7. Donating to charity is a good thing, and so is raising awareness of good causes. Social media hazing is a bad thing. Take the challenge, post your video, donate money, but don’t openly challenge named individuals on social media. Do the right thing, And do it the right way.

  8. Why it is an ice bucket? Is it allowed to use some other very icy source? i.e. a hose from a fire fighter truck?

  9. I’m waiting to be challenged! my question is IF I do get challenged do I have to donate haven’t been working lately and I have no money. I will donate soon as I get back on my feet. 🙂

    1. We’d love for anyone who wants to help raise awareness about ALS to do the challenge. Donating is not a requirement.

  10. I was told that if you did the challenge some sort of sponsor(a) would donate for everyone that does it, is that true? Because if not I would like to donate myself.

      1. I don’t mean to sound rude by asking this , but I have to ask. How does dumping ice water on your head help ALS????? I get donating money but getting wet??

        1. The challenge is a way to share the message and spread awareness through a video that had gone viral across the world.

    1. We encourage participants to donate when doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge as well but it is not required.

    1. You do not. We encourage participants to donate when doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge as well but it is not required.

    1. You nominate as many as you’d like. Most people chose three but we’ve seen people nominate whole groups of people.

  11. My one question is why is it called the “ALS ice bucket challenge”?
    I’ve done some research but have failed to come to any answers. One of my friends said that the ice water getting dumped on the person stimulates what those who have ALS go through…is this true?

      1. The challenge isn’t getting out of hand, the comments about water waste is a tad though… Waste a little water to save a life? Or waste a life to save a little water? If we could send the water, we would. Go to a lake, or something. You’re wasting water when you take a shower too… you don’t need that to stay alive either.. I’m just saying, let God be your guide. God bless these precious lives being lost!

  12. I think its good that the ALS organization wants to raise awareness. But I think that it has gone over board with how much water is getting wasted especially when there is serious drought in California (not sure about other states). I have also heard of two deaths that were caused by this challenge. I am also concerned that people are not even paying attention or even taking time to learn about ALS. I have not been challenged myself but I have already done a bit of reading on ALS. If I do get challenged I will not pour water over my head and well I wish I did have $100 to donate but I dont. I will post something about ALS and hope my friends on social media read it. That’s how I will make awareness.

  13. Deseo saber si en San Diego,Cali. hay carreras o retos; pues me encantaria ayudar y donar con la playera ROJA puesta!!!!

  14. I couldn’t really get the rules and reasons of ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Is there anybody who can help me out please..??

    1. Hi there are a lot of articles that explain how it works and the origins. One is here: http://mashable.com/2014/08/06/als-ice-bucket-challenge/ Basically you take the challenge and then call out three others to do the challenge within 24-hours or they donate to The ALS Association. Of course many chose to do both and some simply use the opportunity to help raise awareness about ALS.

  15. Hi, I’m writing from Venezuela, and I have quite a crowd pending on my ice bucket challenge. However I read in IG that the min. contribution was $10, and I just tried and saw $50. Could you please explain which bank is it. ThX!

    1. That’s the way it is supposed to work. Of course, if people feel they cannot donate it’s ok. We love the awareness this viral video phenomenon is creating for ALS.

  16. Hi there,
    This is getting big in the uk, however all the donations here are going to Mcmillan cancer support. Is there a uk counterpart of the als charity or are you happy to share donations.

  17. Is there an Australian arm of ALS or foundation for Motor Neurone Disease that is part of this worldwide program? I would be keen to commence icebucket challenges here.

  18. I support the cause however I want to know where the ice bucket challenge came from why ice water why ice… is there like a specific reason people are pouring ice water on them selfs

    1. Hi Zachary. We are posting an update on our blog very soon about fundraising so far from the Ice Bucket Challenge. Stay tuned.

  19. why specifically this ice bucket challenge to raise funds? can’t there be other ways to support any cause by not wasting so much water?

  20. Hello,

    I am Cameroon in Africa and will very much like to participate in the ice bucket challenge. I haven’t seen anyone from Africa do it, so can I also participate from Africa??

  21. Hello,

    I am Aashis from India and will very much like to participate in the ice bucket challenge. I haven’t seen anyone from India do it, so can I also participate on behalf from Indian origin .

  22. Hi I’m urvaksh from Mumbai, India. All these time I’ve just seen people do the ice bucket challenge just for fun. I and some friends have taken initiative to do this challenge in our college in front of everyone and spread awareness and collect money for donation. Incase we are successfull in collecting money, how do we get it to you’ll. Just trying to make a change. Expecting an early reply.

  23. hi, i’m mexican and i was wondering if there was any like itunes app that i could donate through, because i don’t have a credit cardo, and thats a method i can think of, i don’t know what methods of donation there are, and there are probabley more people like me that don´t have a credit card but would like to donate, so i was wondering

  24. I’m still really amazed at how much of difference the #IceBucketChallenge phenomenon has made this year. I just read that the association has received over $40 million in donations since the beginning of the month! Compare that to the $2.1 million in funding that was donated in the same amount of time last year– it’s staggering!

  25. Hi.
    Love to have Ice Bucket Challenge without donating because dont have a visa card. So should i make a video and upload it on facebook or do i have to follow some rules? Kindly guide me, i am confuse.

  26. How much of the 31 million dollars raised actually goes directly to research? What kind of research?

  27. If you nominate people how would they find out if they are not in your friends list on facebook

    1. Most of the time it is done through Facebook, Twitter or some other social media but you can send them an email as well to tell them you nominated them.

  28. I am going to donate and do this challenge however I want to know why isn’t there a als walk around Memphis Tn?

  29. Hi there is a lot of stuff going on the ice bucket challenge yesterday our indian hockey team captain did it and he challenged another man the god of cricket sachin tendulkar, can we get more awareness in our country about the ALS and the ice bucket challenge

  30. Hi. I think the challenge is a wonderful way to raise awareness for ALS. What I am wondering is is there a way I can specify that my donation not be used to fund embryonic stem cell research?

    1. The viral videos have many millions of people aware of ALS now and the efforts put into helping patients and research going into finding a cure.

  31. Hi!
    Is it okay just do the ALS Ice bucket challenge without donating any cash? No one is challenging me yet , do i have to wait someone to challenge before i do it?

  32. Im a lil bit confused about the donation. When you should donate? If you were nominated and didn’t do the challenge? Or you still have to donate even you do the icebucketchallenge

    1. Customarily, people would donate instead of doing the challenge. But many donate and take the challenge anyway.

    1. Of course. Our mailing address is: The ALS Association Greater New York Chapter, 42 Broadway, Suite 1724, New York, NY 10004

  33. my friend was wondering once you challenge somebody are they allowed to back out of the challenge just wondering

  34. i would like to donate through my credit card, but they said that something went wrong. is their any other way? i’m from the philippines.

  35. I love what you are doing to raise awareness for this disease. My grandfather died from ALS 20 years ago, and I empathize with anyone who is currently fighting the battle. Keep up the good work!!!

  36. If you decline or run out of time within the 24 hours to do the challenge, can you still challenge other people to do it and just post that you donated on facebook instead?

  37. Hi there,

    I was nominated to do the challenge and have decided to donate instead. I have a cold and this is the last thing I want to do! So, can I still nomimnate someone if I’m only donating?

  38. I love this challenge it is one way to support all of this people my dad just passed away because ALS and I will like to participate in the walking on September 21. Sorry for my English

  39. For anybody concerned about wasting water, here is a solution, oceans lakes and swimming pools just get some ice to one of those places fill up a bucket with both the ice you brought and the water from the source you chose, stand in shallow water and dump it over your head, the water is now back to where you took it from.

  40. Hi. Instead of donating with credit cards for these, can I use a pre paid card? Or visa gift cards? Thanks

  41. What exactly are the rules for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? I am only asking because I do not believe that everyone understands the details. I know people personally who are accepting the challenge just to do it and not help raise money and awareness, so please share the rules so I can inform some people.

    1. Here’s how you participate! Ice Bucket Challenge

      Step 1: Create your challenge list, these are the people you want to challenge to either douse themselves with ice water, donate to the ALS Association Greater New York Chapter OR both!

      Step 2: Assemble bucket, ice, water, and willing videographer. Optional: friends and family to douse you!

      Step 3: Video yourself taking the challenge! Tell why you’re taking the challenge and then issue the challenge to others. Usually it goes something like this

      “Hi, I’m (insert name) and I’m taking the Ice Bucket Challenge to Strike Out ALS. (Tell why you want to support ALS). I challenge (insert your list of names here) to take the Ice Bucket Challenge! You have 24 hours to take the challenge or donate $100 to The ALS Association Greater New York Chapter…or you can do BOTH!”

      Step 4: Post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+…ANYWHERE with #ALSIceBucketChallenge and #StrikeOutALS

  42. I know people are supporting a serious cause.
    But wasting a bucket water!! is it necessary…

    Jay Shan

  43. Hi I just wanted to know whether someone has to nominate you and only then can you perform the challenge or u can normally perform and then start nominating?? Waiting for your reply.


  44. I see all the comments about water waste as a result of the challenge. I pass at least 2 car washes every day. Are they really necessary. The so called wasted water cannot be sent anywhere else so are there people dying in those areas from lack of water? There are people afflicted with ALS in those areas and a little wasted water is helping them. Even if the effort were to serve only to raise their sprits it would be worth it.

  45. I have done with ice bucket challenge last Thursday. I have not donate yet cuz I am trying find the address for me to send money order. Do you know the address? One more thing, one of my friend not accept the ice water challenge and donate for some reason. I am wondering if I can dominate one of my other friend? Or just not worry about it. Let me know and to hear from you soon. Thanks!

    1. Hi. You can send your donation by mail to: The ALS Association Greater New York Chapter, 42 Broadway, Suite 1724, New York, NY 10004. As for a friend who does not take the challenge, if you think someone else would appreciate being nominated, then feel free to nominate them instead.

    1. Hi, Please call our chapter at (212) 619-1400 to arrange a donation or send your donation by mail to: The ALS Association Greater New York Chapter, 42 Broadway, Suite 1724, New York, NY 10004

  46. A little bit of common sense, and the simple acceptance of the challenge in its original form would make sure that people don’t get hurt – but perhaps then the challenge would not have become the digital juggernaut that it is. I have looked at many of the pros and cons of the challenge now – it truly is a cultural phenomenon:


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