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Welcome to our online Tribute Wall offering individuals and families a way to honor and remember those whose lives have been affected by ALS.

Through this online collection of photos, messages, and notes we hope to share the stories of the hundreds of people in our region with Lou Gehrig's disease. If you would like to share a message and a photo, please email your submission of the name of the person and a brief paragraph of no more 200 characters along with a photograph to You can also make a donation in honor or memory of a loved one here.

My Mother, Elizabeth Tangen lost her fight with ALS on July 24, 2015. She was my best friend, a new grandma and my son, Hayden and I think of her every day and miss her so much. I'm everything I am because she loved me.
August 13, 2013 is three years that ALS has taking my husband Gary. He was the most important person in my life. He had a tremendous heart always willing to give a hand and helping. He loved being with our dogs walking them, taking them to the dog park. He was a ball of energy and could never sit still until he was diagnosed with ALS on October 28,2010. I'm so very grateful for having him for almost alil over 25 years. I miss my best friend and person whom meant the world to me. My heart is broken into pieces and still not the same since he's gone. May you be at peace and see you on the other side. I forever love you always!
Our cousin Steve A. Marino was taken from us at the age of 55 on October the 6th of 2012. So many of us heard and saw first hand what this devastating ALS disease did to him. Steve became a prisoner in his own body; however, his mind was still very much intact. No one could have fought harder to fight this horrible disease. In Steve’s memory, Team WTF (Win the Fight) continues now to make a positive impact to defeat ALS. Steve is truly missed by everyone who was blessed to both know and love him. In our hearts, we know that his love for us all will continue to always shine down.
To our Dearest Mother, Grandmother (our Nonna), and Best Friend, I miss you with all my heart. You had the greatest strength and faith. You never gave up, always brave and always a Smile. Always kind compassionate and considerate of others. May we all learn from you especially your strength and faith to keep on going. I am certain one day their will be a cure to this very horrible disease and others will not have to lose their loved ones. We must keep on going till there is a cure. Like our dear mother fought for her life we must fight to help others keep their lives so they can continue making memories with their loved ones. With All My Love, Your loving daughter
In Memory of my mother, Sandra Haines who never gave up the fight. She was such a strong, brave, and beautiful person both inside and out. I hope to have half of your strength one day. I have learned so much from you and truly am the person I am today because of you. We will always be together mom, I love you.
In memory of Carol Elaine Peoples, beloved wife, mother, sister & friend.
Elaine Marlowe - A true renaissance woman; the world is a poorer place to have lost her so soon. Missed by so many. June 25 marks 32 years without her & my heart still breaks. ALS is an awful way to live and die.
Sadly we lost my cousin Lillian Munnelly to ALS on Mother's Day morning. She put up a hard fight, but this disease (diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago) was not one she could overcome. Lillian leaves behind her beautiful children, her daughter Kelly son Michael, and her 6-month-old granddaughter Stella (born 2 months premature - a fighter in her own right). Lillian's family and extended family will forever miss her kind heart, beautiful smile and great laugh. Stamp this disease out!
In Memory of my Dad who never lost his sense of humor and positive attitude while battling ALS. RIP Dad. Go Team Charlie.
Fred Ruprecht - My father was a hero all his life. A US Navy veteran, NYC Firefighter, a jack-of-all-trades, being an amazing protector and provider to his family. When he got ill with ALS he never once complained “Why Me?” and continued to visit my mom twice a day in the nursing home even when he couldn’t drive anymore and had to have an aide take him there. I forever admire my dad for his strength, courage and faith in dealing with and confronting tough, life threatening situations with everything in his being! We miss you everyday in every way! Until we meet again!
Esther Canellas - When I lost you, I didn't just lose my mom, I lost my best friend. You're always in my heart and on my mind! Thanks for teaching me the true meaning of strength.
Lou Gehrig - In memory of the "Iron Horse" Lou Gehrig. 1903 - 1941.
Garnet Swaine ll - I miss his smile. It would warm me like sunshine.
Dave Deutsch was my greatest teacher - he taught me that life can be short, that friends and family are all that matter, and to see the beauty in everything around me. Miss you bunches, D.

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