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Computer Access

Computer access is one of those areas of life in the 21st Century that we don't know how we lived without it. But, for many PALS, this could be a new endeavor, or they may be losing the ability to perform computer tasks that connect them to work, family, and/or friends.

For PALS that are new to the computer world, this can be something that greatly increases their quality of life. As getting around in the physical community may be becoming more and more difficult, the virtual world is available for navigating, regardless of disability.

But, if a PALS is having difficulty physically access a computer, there are many software and hardware products available to PALS.

Onscreen Keyboard
Head Mouse
Mouseless Browsing

Here are some websites that have computer access products for people with disabilities:

If you have any assistive technology related questions, you can email Ben Lieman, our Assistive Technology Specialist at or call the office at 212-720-3057.

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