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Patient and Family Programs

Home Visit Program

While our ALS Centers at Beth Israel Medical Center (Manhattan), Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (New Brunswick, NJ), the ALS Clinic at Stony Brook University Hospital (Long Island), and the ALSA Program at the Hospital for Special Surgery all provide PALS with comprehensive, multi-disciplinary care, some patients are unable to leave the home and some needs arise between quarterly ALS Center appointments.

We therefore, offer a Home Visit Program. Nurses, social workers, and assistive technology specialists visit the PALS in the home to provide assistance and guidance. Services include education and monitoring of feeding tube placements, home safety and access evaluation, training on assistive communication devices, evaluation and/or fitting of loaner equipment, supportive counseling and end-of-life planning.

If you or someone in your family would like a home visit from one of our staff members, please call (212) 619-1400.

Recursos en espaƱol disponibles. Por favor llame al (212) 619-1400. Gracias.

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