Uniting and Empowering the ALS Community.


Serving the Greater New York Area

Including New York City, Long Island, Lower & Mid-Hudson Valley, and Northern and Central New Jersey

ALS United Greater New York provides local, comprehensive care and support to individuals & families affected by ALS, advances national & state advocacy, and fosters bold research initiatives. 

Care Service And PALS

Care Services

Our team of professional Care Service Coordinators provides expert advice and assistance for people living with ALS, free of charge.

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We focus on educating, advocating, and mobilizing bipartisan members of Congress to benefit people with ALS. 

Scientist ALS Research


Our collaborative and global approach to funding research continues to lead to significant discoveries by top ALS scientists around the world.

Join a Support Group

ALS United Greater New York understands that the effects of ALS are physically, emotionally, and at times frightening for the person diagnosed and their family. You are not alone. ALS support groups provide a caring, supportive, open, and safe environment for people to gather, connect, and talk with one another.

Our social workers and nurses facilitate the groups and help provide opportunities to learn about living with the disease from others who understand the challenges and can help you establish a network of valuable resources and sustained support. While support groups are regional, anyone can attend any group that works for their schedule. Currently, all support groups are offered on a virtual platform. 

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News & Stories

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Giving Back

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