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A Kick In the Butt

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When we both retired from long careers, my wife and I decided we had enough of New Jersey winters, so we purchased a second home in Florida. We have been blessed with the opportunity to commute back and forth between the two homes for many years, spending the warmer months in NJ and the colder ones in Florida.

After my wife was diagnosed a few years ago, we figured that this year our commuting days were over. The added complexity of doing the three- or four-day drive during Covid and since the need for special care, devices, and accommodations has increased, it all just seemed too intimidating to consider.

Visit with friends, go someplace special, and make more memories – give this disease a kick in the butt!

As was usual as the weather got colder in NJ, our friends, relatives, neighbors, pastor, and support crew all started asking when we would be leaving for Florida. We downplayed their inquiries, simply saying we weren’t sure if we would make it this year. We really didn’t think we would be going. Just too complicated.

Then a couple of dear friends who vacation near our Florida home for a couple of months suggested we caravan together, so we had a safety net in case we needed help. Our pastor piled on and encouraged us to get out of town. We wondered if there was some sort of hidden message here 🙂 . But they really knew what was best for us.

We made the trip with no problems, figuring out how to do things without the extra equipment we left at home and without the support crew that provide so much help on a regular basis. Our life is simpler here because there are fewer obligations, no appointments, and plenty of sunshine and warm weather to help us relax and enjoy life. We spend more time being the couple who have loved just being together for more than 50 years of marriage.

So, what is the message here? I guess it is that you can’t let this disease completely control your life, no matter how hard it tries. Sure, there are physical barriers that are very real. Safety and health have to be carefully considered. But don’t let your apprehensiveness keep you from doing the things that have always brought you joy. – Don and Donna

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