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Caregiving is a Full-time Job

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In 2018, Randie was working two jobs, one as a personal chef, and the other as a chef for a New Jersey hospital system. However, after experiencing some slurred speech and weakness in his right hand he eventually was diagnosed with ALS. His wife, and now fulltime caregiver, Charnelle Bain-Lynn, was laid off in August of 2019, which she said was a blessing in disguise because she had been burning the candle at two ends.

One thing she wanted people to know about those living with ALS is that they, “still have a voice. ALS may have robbed some of our pALS (people with ALS) of their speech, but they are still able to think for themselves and make decisions on their own with the right communication devices to assist with having their voices heard.

“ALS may have robbed our loved ones of speech & mobility but all of them still have a lot of life to live, just know that it may look different.”

Charnelle has known Randie since 1996 and said that he has always been a great dad, husband, provider, artist, and amazing chef, “Randie is the hands-on dad in every activity that our girls have been involved in. He also is very active in our church and loved by all. For some reason, children have always gravitated to him even before we had our own children.” 

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