Youth Challenge

ALS Youth Challenge is a program designed for kids supported by The ALS Association Greater New York Chapter. This program provides students with the necessary tools to become advocates for the ALS community by encouraging and emphasizing community activism. The goal of this program is to increase support for those living with Lou Gehrig’s disease by raising funds, awareness, and advocacy to improve the lives of ALS patients and their families.

Roberts Lemonade Stand

The 2014 ALS Ice Bucket Challenge inspired people from around the globe to join in our cause and support our mission. The unprecedented awareness and funds raised to support the ALS community have dramatically strengthened the fight against this disease to an unparalleled level, but we still need your help to bring us another step closer to finding a cure. We challenge you to further these efforts by starting a fundraising and awareness campaign today!

The ALS Association staff is ready and willing to help guide you and your students through the steps to create a successful event. Whether you lead or participate in a group project, join us on Walk days, or set up an iced tea stand, joining ALS Youth Challenge is a simple, fun way to support the fight against Lou Gehrig’s disease. Above all, this program is a way for kids to develop their skills and learn how to take initiative and be leaders in their communities.

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Checkout the toolkit for fun projects and ideas!