Ice Bucket Challenge

2024 is the 10th anniversary of the first Ice Bucket Challenge! The legendary ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was co-founded by New York's own, Pat Quinn and Anthony Senerchia along with Massachusetts native,  Pete Frates. It quickly spread across the globe. This summer, we honor where we have been in the past decade, and where we are going in our continued fight for a cure! "Every August Until a Cure!" 

10th Anniversary of the Ice Bucket Challenge

17 Million People Participated

159 Countries World Wide

$220 Million Raised Worldwide

Together, we have significantly changed the landscape of ALS, through reaching new levels of awareness, research advancements, and vital care services.


This extraordinary acceleration resulted in the scientific breakthrough of identifying twelve additional genes associated with ALS, leading to novel drug therapeutics for slowing disease progression. Additionally, the number of ALS treatment clinics in the United States has doubled and the number of advocacy wins has been unprecedented. Today researchers are closer than ever to curing ALS.


In the ten years following the Ice Bucket Challenge, ALS United Greater New York has been able to grow our care service programs. This has included:

  • An increase in financial grants to families by a massive 1,500%
  • Partnerships with six more local ALS clinics for a total of 10 – a 150% increase
  • A 115% increase in the number of medical equipment and communication devices we loan free of charge to patients each year!

ALS United Greater New York has invested $16.5 Million in ALS research to date, and
our commitment remains steadfast in continuing to support the groundbreaking work of scientists both locally and globally.

Join us this summer to honor what the Ice Bucket Challenge means to you and your loved ones. None of us will ever forget that feeling of hope and how it forever changed ALS.

Together, we are stronger. Together, we end ALS.


Join hundreds, including ALS United Greater New York, on Saturday, August 3rd at 1 PM in Yonkers, New York for the 10th Anniversary of the Ice Bucket Challenge! Registration is required.
IBC Yonkers 2024

Take the Ice Bucket Challenge 2024!

Ice Bucket Challenge Greater New York

The Ice Bucket Challenge took social media by storm in 2014 - and YOU can do it again! The challenge is simple:

  1. Pour a bucket of ice water over your head
  2. Share the video on social media, tag us at ALSofGNY and challenge others to do the same
  3. Make a donation to ALS United Greater New York!

The impact of the Ice Bucket Challenge extended beyond the immediate financial contributions. The challenge heightened public awareness of ALS, sparked conversations about the importance of medical research funding and the role of social media in modern philanthropy, and continues to inspire and remind us of the collective power we hold when we come together for a common cause.