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New FAA Rules to Make Travel More Accessible

FAA Rules

ALS United Greater New York expresses its gratitude to Congress for passing the bipartisan Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill. This legislation marks a significant step forward in improving accessibility in air travel, addressing the challenges faced by ALS patients and others with disabilities, especially those using wheelchairs.

Advocates from various corners of the country living with ALS have long highlighted the difficulties encountered during air travel. The provisions in this bill reflect the culmination of years of advocacy efforts.

Key highlights of the legislation include a comprehensive study on safe and secure in-cabin wheelchair tie-down systems, new training requirements for assisting passengers with mobility issues, enhancements to the complaint process at the Department of Transportation (DOT), improved access to seating accommodations, and better accessibility to airline websites, applications, and other communications.

These changes not only benefit ALS patients but also improve the travel experience for caregivers and other passengers with disabilities. The passage of this bill underscores the importance of advocacy in effecting meaningful change, and ALS United Greater New York commends Congress for its commitment to inclusivity and accessibility in air travel.

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