Planned Giving

Through various types of estate planning, there are customizable options to provide lasting support for loved ones and the ALS community.

Beneficiary Designation is an affordable way to support the fight against ALS. You can designate The ALS Association Greater New York Chapter as a beneficiary through various options, such as a retirement account, investment or bank account, or life insurance policy.

IRA Rollovers are an easy and convenient way to make contributions if you are 70½ years or older. This provides a range of tax benefits to the donor including the avoidance of paying taxes on direct transfers, helping to reduce taxable income, and assisting in reaching your required minimum distribution.


A Bequest is a gift made through your will or trust that can provide long term support to the ALS community. By including The ALS Association Greater New York Chapter in a will or trust, it provides a lasting legacy for the future. The contribution can be a dollar amount or percentage. And it also may lessen the burden of taxes on surviving family members as well as provide estate tax savings.

For more information on any of these giving options, please contact Vivian Banks, Director of Individual and Institutional Giving at or 212-720-3051.